3 Secrets to Creating Order in your Home while Homeschooling

How to get the housework done and meet each person's needs without missing all the beautiful experiences you want your children to have in your homeschool

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In This Masterclass



How to get the housework done

I’m going to show you how to make the shift from feeling overwhelmed in your homeschool to being empowered.


How to meet each person's needs,

giving attention to your littles while providing a rich and full education to your older children.


How to feel confident

that you are choosing the activities and experiences for your children that will matter most in the long run.


The most important factor in your home is YOU

You MUST be willing to grow personally so you can parent and coach your children in healthy ways.

Atmosphere is Everything

Whether you have been homeschooling for years or are just thinking about it, you know that getting a handle on home management and some clarity on what you want to accomplish is the best place to start.
There is so much information and inspiration available these days, but we can't do it all.
Join me to learn how to create order in your home, choose the activities that matter most to your family, and develop a mindset of personal growth so you can lead well. 

A Note From The Instructor...

Hey, homeschool mama. I see you. You’re juggling a lot of responsibility - from the housework to meal planning, keeping everyone’s schedule straight all while teaching multiple grade levels to multiple personalities. You’re amazing. And I know your job can feel overwhelming too. I’m here to help - I’ve been there - I’ve raised 5 very different children, 3 boys and 2 girls and we’ve homeschooled for the past 15 years. We also lived in 10 different houses on a tight budget. I learned to find joy in the midst of chaos - to parent with grace and wisdom and I gained some helpful strategies over the years to get it all done. You are so important to your family - you set the tone. What you do all day matters. I want to help you find YOUR unique way of navigating these years so you can do it with confidence. I want you to love your home and the life you life there.