Free Guide: Fix it Mama Household Basics

Tips and Tricks for Taking Care of your Home without Panicking

You can do this - In this FREE guide I'll share the basics with you so you don't feel so alone in this home maintenance thing. I'll be your virtual nextdoor neighbor.

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Keep the Basics Functioning

You need your toilet to work without wasting water and your lights and outlets to deliver electricity. I'll give you some troubleshooting ideas.

HVAC and Smoke Detectors, Oh My!

It's funny to me that these important systems are left to our care in a home without any training in how to maintain them. We move in and no one tells us what to do! 

The Great Outdoors - Mud likely.

Sprinkler systems and rain gutters - how to keep these important parts of your home working for you. You might get a little muddy!


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