Design Your Homeschool Life August Jumpstart


  • Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls via Zoom to answer all your questions
  • Worksheets, Action Steps & Guides so you can plan well for your family
  • Private Facebook Group to collaborate with other homeschooling moms
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Hi, my name is Jill

I'm a mother of 5, and a homeschool veteran of 17 years. I love to encourage moms. So I bring my toolkit of hard won lessons to all I do. Here are a few of those experiences:

CA Credentialed Teacher, Tutor, and Charter School supervising teacher.

Home Stylist/ Paint Color Strategist

Homeschool Speaker and Consultant

Mostly, I just know what it's like to be a mom, to homeschool, to parent, manage a home, work and well, do all the things - like you. 

Welcome to a plan for home education that works for everyone in the family - including you.


You're determined to homeschool your children but figuring out what to do, how to do it, how to meet everyone's needs, do the housework, get the laundry done and cook dinner is overwhelming! And if you're working, well - it seems impossible to juggle it all.

The bottom line is: Yes, you can homeschool and it will likely be the best decision you've ever made for your children. You just need to learn a few strategies.

Whether you are homeschooling for a short time (hello, Covid) or for the long haul, I'd be honored to walk with you as you Design your Homeschool Life.

Let's get you started with 3 important steps... 

You are the most important element, yep - YOU. You set the tone from the moment you wake up in the morning to the last tuck in and kiss on the forehead. That's the good news because it means that YOU can create whatever you want. In the Design your Homeschool Life - August Jumpstart we will work through 3 steps to create a Homeschool experience that gives your children a great education and helps you feel calm and confident. Read on, sweet mama, and you'll see what I mean...

Let's Design your Homeschool Life

What you are doing matters!! Let's work together to overcome the obstacles so you and your kids can enjoy the process. 

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Create a Schedule

You've decided to take control of your children's education this year. Our weekly coaching sessions will support you as you walk out this decision. Step 1 is to create a schedule for all you are trying to accomplish. We do this by considering the needs of each person, according to their age, personality, educational goals, etc... This is the exact process I used to homeschool 5 young children and it will work for you!

Work as a Team

A calm, orderly home sets the stage for learning and living. You create the routines and rhythms that sustain everyone and your children can learn to participate in the work of making a home.

In Step 2, you'll learn how to create an atmosphere of team work so you don't have to do everything yourself. The right mindset will enable you to confidently assign chores, get the laundry done, and plan meals in a simple way to minimize overwhelm while your kids are home all day.

Choose curriculum and activities

Understanding your children's learning styles and personalities and what you believe about education will guide you as you choose the curriculum and activities that fill your days.

In Step 3, I'll help you make wise decisions about which curriculum to use and which enrichment activities to add so you can feel confident about your school.

I know, you have more questions...

  • Should I follow the distance learning plans from my child's school or create my own homeschool?
  • Will my child get behind if I don't stick with the school's plans?
  • What are the homeschooling rules in my state?
  • Should I sign up for an online school or a charter school?
  • How long do I need to spend teaching each day?
  • What records do I need to keep?
  • What if my kids won't listen to me?
  • How can I work from home AND homeschool?
  • etc...
  • etc...

You're normal - there's so much to learn and so many fears to address. We'll do that - this Jumpstart is loosely organized deliberately so I can help you with EXACTLY what you need as your questions arise. I have years of content ready to share with you as you bring up your struggles and concerns. My goal is to help you without overwhelming you. All you have to do is ASK and your topic will become part of the content.

What people are saying about Jill's homeschool programs...

"You have done such an excellent job of synthesizing ideas, approaches, resources, etc. that it is all 'coming together for me' in a remarkable way. You have helped me create an overall vision for my homeschool: one that will inspire me as I go, and will help me select what is important and what to let go of.  There is so much information out there it is overwhelming.  You have culled snd synthesized the very best. Thank you."


"Jill addresses it all for homeschool moms! This course looks at homemaking & the atmosphere of your home, easy ways to incorporate fine arts, nature & more, and looking at the ways each of your family members were created.  So much helpful content to help build relationships with your children! Jill is so sweet and I'm so glad I went through this course!"

- Love your Homeschool student

Design your Homeschool Life August Jumpstart


  • Weekly LIVE Coaching Calls via Zoom to answer all your questions
  • Worksheets, Action Steps & Guides so you can plan well for your family
  • Private Facebook Group to collaborate with other homeschooling moms
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